Mental Health Executive Assistant

Job highlights

This position provides the employee/contractor an opportunity to learn about the field of mental health and offer compassion, inspire hope, and assist with the development of tools used to teach skills needed to overcome life challenges. This position also affords an opportunity to develop and/or hone executive administration, event planning, business management, and social media marketing skills. The employer is looking for someone who thrives on growth, change and creativity; someone who learns quickly, is intuitive and has great communication and customer service skills.

Overview of Practice/Agency

Paula S. Newman, PLLC dba Family Enrichment Associates is a Professional Limited Liability Company that provides behavioral health counseling and consulting services. Dr. Paula Sanders Newman is the sole practitioner in the practice. She is an Educational Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, and a Nationally Certified Counselor who provides individual, family, and group therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults. Learn more at

Dr. Newman also co-owns and operates The Newman Institute for Skillbuilding (NIFS), a non-profit dedicated to educating young adults and facilitating their acquisition of the soft skills needed for workplace and family life success. Skillbuilding (training) focus areas include communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, parenting, critical thinking, social skills, etiquette, and professionalism. The NIFS provides educational services that include one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars, and conference presentations. The educational resources offered include access to skilled, trained professionals, peer experts, self-help books and workbooks, webinars, podcasts, educational DVDs, and educational fieldtrips. Learn more at

The applicant will be employed by/contracted with Paula S. Newman, PLLC dba Family Enrichment Associates, however, training materials are disseminated via The Newman Institute for Skillbuilding.

Job Responsibilities:

• Access needed resources for members receiving behavioral health services.

• Monitor electronic health records to ensure inclusion of all required documents.

• Type, scan, and upload clinical documents into electronic health records, as needed.

• Manage requests for services, referrals to other providers, and the waitlist for services.

• Assist with the development of psychoeducation materials.

• Conduct monthly benefits and eligibility checks for members to verify active insurance coverage.

• Content creation and editing.

• Social media marketing; content calendar maintenance.

• Website updates that include new information and/or design changes.

• Assistance with branding to include e-book publishing, podcast editing, blog and/or vlog posts, and product creation.

• Coordination of live and virtual trainings and events.

• Proofreading, calendar management, typing, data entry, administrative support, online research, and customer service.

• Business management activities that may include credentialing maintenance with managed care organizations, licensure maintenance, certification maintenance, and submission of corporation documents.

Education, Skills, and Experience:

• Applicant must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college/university; the applicant will be required to provide verification of enrollment in a college or university. Preference will be given to applicants studying psychology, counseling/counselor education, social work, or other human service disciplines. Experience in mental health is not required.

• Competency using Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Word, Excel), social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube) is needed. And experience with online design and publishing tools (e.g., Canva, Wix, Vistaprint, Constant Contact) is desired, but not required.


This position is part-time, $10-15/hour (depending on experience) for 10- 15 hours/week. There are no additional benefits.


Paula S. Newman, PLLC dba Family Enrichment Associates and The Newman Institute for Skillbuilding, Inc. are located at 1921 North Pointe Drive, Suite 207, Durham, North Carolina 27705. The position is hybrid (in office and virtual). The physical location of the office is public and safe. The office environment is friendly and ‘family-like’.

Application Process

• Job Application (Please click here to access the application)

• 1099/Job Contract

• Confidentiality Form

• Confidentiality Training

• Orientation Training/Checklist

• Reference Check

Paula S. Newman, PLLC dba Family Enrichment Associates is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing employment opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.